“Change is the essence of life…

Yesterday, I went to one of the NYU computer labs which happened to be on the second floor of a building. When I took the elevator down, I stepped onto the ground level and right before me was this:


I’d like to think it was a sign of encouragement and I hope it acts as one for you as well! Have a great day everyone! 🙂

“If you sense there must be more…

There have been many times in my life when I wonder about the afterlife and its existence. I don’t focus too much energy on it though, for fear of being paralyzed by the idea of oblivion. In times when I feel scared about this prospect, I think back to when my dad and I were discussing it and he asked the question, “Why is there something instead of nothing?” For some reason, this almost always comforts me. Looking on Facebook the other day, I came across this quote, which echoes what my dad said years ago.

if you sense there must be more. there is more quote