The F Word

This week, I interviewed my friend Cait about the “f” word. Wanna know what it is? Just click play. 


Married at Nineteen

This week I interviewed one of my best friends, Miranda (written about here: about the reactions she received when she told friends and family she was getting married at 19. Check it out! 

Why Do You Create?

For this week’s video I got my friend Jackie, who I wrote about yesterday ( to tell us why she creates art. I love her answer! Have a great day everyone 🙂

How I Met My Wife: Walter Whitmore

Guys, I am SO sorry I didn’t post yesterday. You know I rarely skip a day without a post telling why but yesterday turned into a bit of a nightmare with a family emergency. But don’t worry, everything is okay now. So here’s the video I was going to post. Today’s post will be up in a few minutes as well! 

Last Thursday I posted a video of my grandmother telling me about how she met her husband, my grandfather. (As seen here:  This week I decided to get my grandfather to tell his side of the story. Enjoy!

How I Met My Husband

Hey guys! I am SO sorry I didn’t post yesterday. This week has been very hectic for me. I started working at my old summer job and also began volunteering at a children’s hospital. I was completely burnt out Tuesday night and yesterday. But never fear, today’s post is something I hope will make up for it! 

A few weeks ago I asked my readers’ what story you would like to be told. I got some great ideas (and please, feel free to keep sharing your ideas with me in the comment box below) and decided that the first story I would record and share with all of you is one of my grandmother telling the story of how she met her husband, my grandfather. I hope that you enjoy!