“The meaning of life is…

“The meaning of life is that it stops.”~Franz Kafka


Harpies in the infernal wood, from Dante’s Inferno, by Gustave Doré (1861)

Sorry I didn’t post a quote on Friday! I lost track of the days after going home for Thanksgiving!


What Are You Thankful For?

This week, I asked my friends and family what they were thankful for this Thanksgiving. There was one catch. They couldn’t say “friends and family.” Here’s what they came up with 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

“Like A Rolling Stone”: Interactive Video


So the last few weeks have been difficult in scheduling time to interview my friends since the semester is getting so busy as we head into finals but next week I will have a new interview for you guys! To hold you over, follow the link to watch Bob Dylan’s interactive music video for “Like A Rolling Stone.” This may the coolest music video I’ve ever seen! Enjoy 🙂