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6 thoughts on “Why It’s Okay To Be Fat

  1. Quite a bit of misinformation in this.
    The problem with overweight people having diabetes is that their blood sugar and insulin is out of wack which CAN BE SOLVED BY WEIGHT LOSS. Thin people with diabetes won’t get better from gaining people. They typically have a dietary reason for having diabetes and should address that problem.
    I appreciate what she’s doing, trying to make people feel better about how they look, but the truth is that if you’re obese there’s something gone wrong and the problem has to be addressed.
    Btw I think you should check this out:

    • I completely believe in eating healthy, especially organics. This video doesn’t necessarily represent all of my views about health and body image, I just found it interesting and unique. I think she presents a lot of information and to be responsible consumers, we must look to find confirmation in what she says and cannot be passive recipients.

      • I agree. Someone once told me “you have a right and a responsibility to question what I’m saying.”

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