Taking a Break


Hey guys!  I know I’ve been a little inconsistent with my posts recently, and I’d like to take some time to apologize. I’ve been very busy these last few weeks and have been exhausted more days than I can count. This is a poor excuse I know, but I’ve also been trying to work on other writing projects–and by working on them, I mean brainstorming but getting nothing on paper. My blog has been such a priority in my life and I don’t want to stop writing for you all but I think I need a break. I want to start working on some other writing projects–actually getting my ideas on paper–as well as finish my NYU application. Once I have things more organized, both in and out of my head, I promise I’ll be back writing longer pieces for all of you. So for now, I’ll be taking a break on my Wednesday and Saturday posts (they may just include a note about how my progress is going on my pieces and my application) but I’ll be back before you know it. I’ll continue to post quotes and videos, so it’s not like I’ll be entirely gone. Thank you so much to everyone who continues to check in and I look forward to writing more pieces for all of you in no time! 🙂