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Married at Nineteen

This week I interviewed one of my best friends, Miranda (written about here: https://abbeygallagher.wordpress.com/2013/04/03/just-call-me-cabbages/) about the reactions she received when she told friends and family she was getting married at 19. Check it out! 

2 thoughts on “Married at Nineteen

  1. Being in love? If she has known her husband for 6 years before getting married she’s not in love. she simply loves him. “Being in love” as people project as stupid is a period of chemicals that lasts about 6 months (Most people that get married within that time frame often divorce because they didn’t love each other yet, they were just in love.)
    Anyway, I don’t get people’s reaction at all. Since she’s not pregnant and just getting married why would they judge? It’s the same as being boyfriend and girlfriend except they’ve made a commitment. Shouldn’t they instead be praised for that kind of action?
    My sister was married at 18, not pregnant. They’d been together 3 years. They got divorced after 5 but that had nothing to do with being married young.

    • I think everyone has different definitions of being “in love” or just “loving” someone. I know nothing about it really, so I trust that whatever Miranda says is how she feels. I know her husband as I well and they really are an excellent couple. Whether “in love” or just “love” as long as they are happy, I don’t care what we call it.

      As for people’s reactions, I don’t know why people pass judgements so easily. I think it is easy for many people to say that at 19 they wouldn’t have gotten married because they were so young or only if “they knew then what they know now” sort of situation. People judge. Unfortunately, it’s a part of life.

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