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Amidst the Rubble


I’m still standing here,
amidst the rubble.
Looking around, I see familiar faces.
I see everyone who I thought were stronger,
more capable, and
than me.

But here I am.
The only one left.

and thrown into the line of fire,
I rest my eyes on your face.
For a split second I am
Only to be overwhelmed
by a wave of

Without you
I am lost.

You were supposed to be standing
beside me,
But somehow we were separated.
I couldn’t protect you.
And now, you’re gone.

I look away,
to find someone else for help,
that when I look back at you,
you’ll be smiling up at me–
that twinkle in your eyes
letting me know
it’s still you and me.
You’re still here.
“You’ll always be mine.”

Turning back,
there is no smile
to greet me.
No twinkle in your eyes,
to speak words we never said.

I fall to the ground,
not victorious at all,

reaching for your hand.

reaching hands

2 thoughts on “Amidst the Rubble

  1. What a lovely post, could you write more like this everyday? I love your concept i could visit more often

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