The Best Books

The library is home
to thousands of books.
Hardcover and soft cover, picture books and novels;
all are important.
But the best books,
the one’s that have the
most to offer their reader,
are the
old ones.

Set apart from the rest, in a corner
barely anyone visits,
they collect dust.
They have witnessed history,
have touched the hands of people who have changed the world,
yet now sit, untouched,
pages yellowing,
waiting for the next person
to pick them up.

And when those hands run across that binding
and pull the book out from its
hidden spot and open it,
the pages are crisp from being unturned,
and curl up at the corners.
the reader brings the book up to his nose
to be greeted with the smell of
Of old-and-wiseness.
And while flipping through the pages
inhaling deeply,
he recognizes beauty.

Because sometimes it is found in the most
quiet of places,
hidden away for only those
willing enough to look for it,
just like