My Ever Growing Shadow

For Mazie

My Ever Growing Shadow

started out as a small lump when I was six years old.
She’d never follow my lead or
join in on my fun.
Just laid there, smelling of baby powder and dirty diapers
except for the occasional flailing of tiny limbs
in an attempt to escape from a bath.

By the time I turned eight, my Shadow had finally become interesting.
She had grown
-though not much-
but at least She moved around now


Even if She fell down after only
two steps
every time.

At ten, I lost my Shadow.
Separated by

walls                                                   and                                         windows,

cities               and                             streets.

But at twelve we found each other again.

Things were very different.
She had s  t  r  e  t  c  h  e  d out without me watching,
grown into herself some more.
Short, chubby limbs
had turned lean and long.
Her head marked with two waterfalls of hair flowing out above each ear.

My Shadow now moved with
but never went too far.
She mirrored my movements
a marionette
destined to dance my  same dance.

As years passed,
my Shadow learned her own way,
her silhouette moving without mine,
and even though
my Shadow is ever growing

She will always stay
a little
and a little

like any little sister should.