Winter: A Collection of Haikus

Flipping through one of my old journals the other night I found a particularly interesting entry. Dated December 13, 2009 I found a bunch of haikus about the winter that a friend and I wrote. They aren’t in any particular order and aren’t necessarily meant to tell a story. Each one stands on its own but since they’re all about winter and all so short, I wanted to put them together into one post. The ones that end in A.G. are the ones I wrote and the ones that end in S.G. are the ones he wrote. Enjoy!

When it’s cold, I dream
of snow and I wish that I
had a better coat. –A.G.

I don’t like the snow.
The snow that makes everything
real wet and slushy. –S.G.

The flakes hit the streets,
land on our hair, glistening,
making us smile wide. –A.G.

Fluffy white and fun.
Wake up late and go outside.
Play till you’re frozen. –S.G.

Watch it melt away
along with our memories;
both for a season. –A.G.

Spoon in a pillow?
Why would one do such a thing?
Are you all crazy? –S.G.

I love when it snows.
Hot chocolate and fires
make Winter happy. –A.G.

Fat men made of snow.
Sledding down hills all day long.
Back home…go again. –S.G.

No more icicles
on my roof, no more sleds in
sight. Goodbye Winter. -A.G.