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The Soul

I live within a safe, warm, and comforting house.
It is not made of
like the little pigs’ houses
but instead,

I am protected by
bones that bend,
organs that pulse,
eyes that flicker,
muscles that flex,
and skin that binds.

But this shell is not what defines me

these bones will turn brittle;
these organs will wither;
these eyes will cloud;
these muscles will soften,
and this skin will sag.

My house will fall apart
and I will not be able to stop it.
It will hurt when I have to move out


then I will find another body
to borrow
and maybe it will be a little

23 thoughts on “The Soul

  1. Oh I love that! It made me laugh. Furrier or feather-ier for me! The sagging has already begun! I love the downturn of emotions and then the hope at the end.

  2. *sigh* You are one talented individual! If I come back as another person, the next time around I am going to be a weatherman on the Today show, a chef or a cartoonist. I’ve given this some thought…

  3. This body is a scaffolding for our true self, the soul, which is built by doing and being Good. We are body, mind and soul; when the Creator’s Day dawns, the three will be reunited.

  4. Do I sense a tad bit of buddhism?
    I liked it. I am very concerned with the body and keeping it healthy. I’ve experienced so many times that if your body is sick, your mind will be, too.

    • Haha, you do! Buddhism is something I am exploring and finding to be really wonderful. I definitely agree with you on keeping the body healthy but on the flip side, I also believe that if the mind is unhealthy, the body will be as well. Thanks so much for reading; I’m glad you enjoyed it! πŸ™‚

      • Both go hand in hand.
        In school right now we’re studying Buddhism in religion class. I love a lot of the ideas in Buddhism, but like with any religion once it gets to those weird beliefs I get off the train. We saw a documentary where they were worshipping books etc. because they believed it would give good energy. Personally I think if they got any positive energy from that it was because they believed in it so strongly that they created the positive energy themselves. The power of self is very strong.
        Not to sound like I’m putting your faith down or anything. I love Buddhism.

      • Oh my gosh, you’re not putting down my beliefs at all! Don’t worry! I am still learning aspects of Buddhism; I wouldn’t call myself a Buddhist exactly anyway. I don’t really associate myself with any one faith because I take ideas from several different faiths and combine them into what I believe. I’m so young so it’s all a learning process for sure!

  5. Lovely. As a soul we all are equal yet on level of body we are different. The soul is the real thing but it need a body, a shelter to do the thing it want to do….. GOOD OR BAD THE CHOICE UP TO YOU πŸ™‚

    • Hmm … if we are equal in soul, do you then mean we’re all the same soul? Or just that the possibilities of the mind are endless while the body is limited to the biological factors and genetics we were left with on some cosmic whim of the universe?

      • Wow, so great to get a discussion going here! I think she means that we all have an equal soul in that it does not have a gender, race, or ethnicity that it can be discriminated by. Would you say that’s about right, supriya?

      • First thanks for your reply. By saying we all are equal on level of soul I meant that we all have that core quality of love, purity & peacefulness which we can only feel when we are soul conscious…

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